Weight Loss Diet Tips – Side Effects of Diet Pills

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The popularity of utilization diet pills in a weight-loss plan has strongly boosted recently. The Diet Service Journal approximated the value of the diet plan nutritional supplement business in the US alone at over $23 billion in 2009. The field includes prescribed treatments based upon chemical substance, over-the-counter pills and muscle building supplement based on natural herbs, and medications recently approved for basic sale by pharmacologists.

Using diet pills often longs with unfavorable effects, which vary depending on the energetic approach of the particular pill. Desire suppressants include unpleasant chemical which affects the mind, to reduce the desire for food. Along with this benefit, customers have reported unfavorable effects including complication, queasiness or even aberrations.

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Some pills aid to reduce weight by raising the metabolic price of the physique. As well as being habit-forming, there are many dangerous side effects of these pills because they raise the high blood pressure. This system has major ramifications for people who are in danger of coronary diseases, or strokes. Extra negative side effects can include restlessness, and nervousness.

It is usually true prescription Diet pills that work fast and more powerful energetic integrants than those promoted over-the-counter and get accordingly more rigorous side effects. This is mostly why to access the remedies is controlled via a physician, prescribed for limited durations and all those clients whose current weight alone constitutes a health risk.

All Natural Diet Pills Are Elite for Any Form of Dieting

When you have reached the point where start thinking about choosing a company of diet pill, there are two choices that you need to think of – all natural diet pills or those that are made with synthetic ingredients. Although both things are man-made, there is a significant difference between artificial and natural pills. Well, the variation is quite quickly discussed.

Organic Diet pills that work fast made up of extracts drawn from various plants, parts of the plant or generally speaking, -herbs. These are usually removed as juice, sponge or honey and then processed in a way they can have it within a powdered layout to compress into a pill. At times it occurs a natural essence sheds a part or its natural component due to wrong processing methods. Hence, the processing procedure aforementioned is significant in determining the integrity of a natural product.

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Now people can go online, look for the best diet pills fitting to them, buy them online, and receive a doorstep delivery of their pills. Due to this simple transaction, more and more people are going shopping diet pills online. But this competition is beneficial to the clients. Due to large competitors, the suppliers and online shoppers organize big discount rate schemes on leading pills too. Also most suppliers give doorstep shipping free of charge. Also people allow monitoring newly presented pills. Excessive cultural and distillation may destroy or alter the effect of a natural mixture; however due process needs to be utilized in order to gain maximum advantages. Another point is affordability

Pure HCG Drops: Benefits & Side Effects

What is pure HCG drops? What are the HCG diet benefits? Does it have side effects? We all want to live an active and healthy life. But most of us are not able to achieve this due to the busy schedule. We start gaining weight and it becomes obvious when we reach thirty and forties. This is the period when we need to take care of our diet and physical activities to manage our weight. In the current condition, many weight loss formulas are coming up to help the people to lose weight fast. But some of them are not effective and offer a temporary solution.

Moreover, there will be both mild and severe effects. If you are searching a safe option, you might go with pure HCG drops. This weight loss diet will make your weight loss fast. Besides weight loss, you might expect a number of health benefits. To help you with more information, followings are the details of the pure HCG drops.

What is pure HCG drops?

Pure HCG drops is a diet planned for weight loss. It is made to help the users to lose weight naturally and fast. The process will be safe and effective. This formula will reduce your hunger while boosting your metabolism. In addition, it can help the users to lose a pound every day without causing weakness and fatigue.

You will have to follow it around eight weeks to get the maximum benefits. HCG diet plan is considered very powerful to support the weight loss. If you will be able to follow the given 500 calories diet, you can get your dream shape within a couple of months. It guarantees the users to lose 3lbs every day. The diet is made for the weight reduction. It will drop the weight rapidly and safely.

What are HCG drops benefits?

First of all, losing weight will be fast, safe, and effective. It is one of the best formulas available in the current market. The product is highly appreciated by the users for the effectiveness and fast result. It does not demand much effort to get the benefits. If you believe the users, it is the fastest and safest ways to lose the weight. When you use a weight loss formula, you will start gaining weight again soon after you stopped taking the formula. You might not experience this problem with HCG weight loss diet. It will prevent gaining the weight again.

This formula comes with three phases that every user needs to follow to get the maximum benefits. The diet is extremely low in calorie. Therefore, you might not have any other problem. If you want a safe formula to reduce your stubborn fat within a couple of months, you should not think beyond pure HCG drops. The reason is that many of the users have said that the weight loss process will be fast without causing any fatigue. You will have more energy and strength.

Other benefits

Although the formula is designed for weight loss and targets the stubborn areas, you can find a number of other benefits. You may say that it will contribute to your overall well-being. Some other benefits are the followings.

Boosts metabolism

This formula boosts the metabolism of users. When you gain weight, your metabolism rate becomes low and it contributes the weight gain and minimizes your effort. Once you start following this diet, your metabolism rate will be high. It will burn your calories fast. You will reduce the weight significantly. Besides, your energy level will be high. You will be energetic and active throughout the day.

Helps in infertility treatment

It might sound strange. But yes, this formula can help to increase the testosterone level. In fact, it will enhance the sperm count of a male. Women will get different benefits. It will help in inducing ovulation. Besides, this diet will increase the egg release in women that will facilitate the union of the egg and sperm. You cannot expect this benefit from other weight loss diets. Testosterone is a key hormone in the human body that is responsible for the muscle growth, virility, and some other sex characteristics.

Detects tumor

This formula is also considered helpful to detect the tumors. You will find some indications that tumors are developing inside your body. You might need some more research to know about the indication and symptoms. If you believe the claims, it will be more helpful for men than women for the tumor detection.

Suppresses the cravings

If you follow this diet on a regular basis, it will suppress the food cravings. That does not mean that you will not feel the hunger. But it will reduce your food cravings like sugar cravings. You will be able to manage cravings that will certainly contribute to weight loss.

Promotes muscle retention

This is a low-calorie diet. Even if you follow it for a couple of months, you will not lose your muscles. The reason is that HCG diet will target the excess fat deposits and it has nothing to do with your muscles. Moreover, this diet will boost the metabolism and there will not be the possibility of losing your muscles that you might experience with other weight loss formulas.

Is there any side effect?

There will be a few side effects. But all these side effects are mild and temporary.

Leg cramps: Some people have experienced cramps in their legs.

Constipation: A few have digestive issues and constipation.

A headache: You might experience a severe and mild headache. People have experienced this problem when they combine this diet with other medications.

These are a few side effects of this diet. But many of the users have not noticed any side effect. A few had digestive issues, headache, and leg cramps. These are minor issues and will be disappeared when you will be familiar with this diet. But if it is persistent, you should discontinue this diet for a couple of days.


Real HCG drops is designed for weight loss and can offer you a number of health benefits in addition to your weight loss. Your metabolism rate will be high and your food cravings will be less. Moreover, the result will be quick and more effective.

HCG Diet for Weight Loss

HCG diet has created an endless craze to people all around the globe. The products which are named after the human chronic gonadotropin hormone hold a promise that through their consumption, one can lose a substantial amount of weight. Some manufactures even claim that by going on a low-calorie diet, HCG can influence a person’s metabolism allowing him to lose about one pound daily without the feeling of hunger or weakness haunting his mind.

The question that looms in the minds of all prospective consumers of this wonder drug is always “ do HCG drops work?” Scientists say that any ultra-low-calorie diet results in weight loss. Furthermore, recent studies have concluded that HCG has no hand in the weight loss that take place when a person is subjected to a super-low calories diet.

The HCG diet limits someone to only 500 calories in a day. This is done for 8 weeks with the person also taking HCG either through a shot or taking of “homeopathic products” like oral drops, sprays and pellets. You can also read on HCG drops reviews to find the best HCG drops. All these can be conveniently bought through a store.

FDA has however not approved any of these for weight loss. The shots are legal if they are prescribed by a health care professional since they are approved in treating of fertility issues. On the other hand, over- the-counter HCG product acts are not. This has made the FDA to send warning letters to some companies that are involved in the marketing of homeopathic HCG products.

What can a person eat in this diet? Not much. An individual is only to have 2 meals, dinner and lunch. Each meal should include one vegetable, one protein, one fruit and bread.

You can grill or broil veal, chicken breast, beef, lobster, fresh white fish, and shrimp or crab as long as no visible fat is involved. No tuna, almond, eel, herring, pickled or dried fish are allowed.

Vegetables choices include chard, spinach, beat greens, chicory, tomatoes, green salad, onions, fennel, celery, asparagus, cucumbers and cabbage.

For fruit, one can choose an apple, an orange, strawberries, or grapefruit. When it comes to water, tea and coffee, all can be taken without any restrictions. A person may also have a maximum of one tablespoon of milk in a day.

Sugar substitutes can be used in sweetening of drinks but not the actual sugar. Oils and butter are also not allowed.

Sticking to the calorie limit is a very difficult task. Living on just 500 Calorie per day is not only uncomfortable but dangerous as well. It is simply impossible for the body to meet all its nutritional needs with so few calories. When consuming less than 1,200 calories per day, the body may not get adequate vitamins, minerals and proteins without the taking of supplements.

Doctors usually prescribe a very-low-calorie diet for people who are obese and have medical conditions like high blood pressure. These diets are always carefully supervised by a medical practitioner. I hope that this article will help you make an informed decision on whether to take the HCG diet or just hit the gym. With all the facts in hand, choose what is best for your body.

3 Types of HCG Drops in the Market

There are three types of HCG drops sold in the market. They are

  1. Pure or Real HCG Drops
  2. Homeopathy HCG Drops
  3. Fake HCG Drops

Pure or Real HCG drops:

This is the real deal of HCG drops. In other words this is the HCG drop which is medical grade used in various medicines and as stand alone medicine. Sometimes, this HCG drop is known as Pharmaceutical HCG drops. This HCG drop contains 100% HCG hormone. There are no other ingredient, not even in the tiniest part Actually, this is the HCG drop that Dr Simeon recommended for weight loss in his book Pounds and Inches.

Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight with HCG Diet then is the drop that you need to choose.

How to Find Real HCG Drops:

Find these kind of drops is not easy. You will have to look into the nutrition label and see the ingredients. If the ingredients contain any other part of hormone or chemical then it isn’t really a medical grade HCG drops. There should be no other ingredient except Human CHorionic Gonadotropin.

Homeopathy HCG Drops:

This the kind of HCG drop that was created for those who are allergic to the above kind of HCG drop. This hcg drop is prepared in the homeopathic style. For instance a single drop of HCG is diluted with 100x times that of water and created a solution. This solution is sold in the market as homeopathy HCG drops.

How to Find Homeopathy drops?

Finding these kind of drops is easy. The sellers themselves mention that its a homeopathic drop.

Fake HCG Drops:

These are your worst nightmare when you consider HCG Diet. Fake HCG drops contain not even trace amount of HCG. They contain other ingredients that are said to lose weight. There is no scientific evidence behind those ingredients and it is considered illegal by the FDA.

How to Find Fake HCG Drops:

Finding fake hGC drops is not easy either. The sellers sell this kind of drops stating that they are real. But when you look into their nutrition label you will notice that most ingredients are nothing but bogus and the label does not list HCG as its ingredient which indicates it is fake. If there is no HCG in the ingredient then why sell as HCG, right?

There you have it, three kinds of HCG drops. Next time you go shopping choose your HCG drops carefully.

What is HCG Diet


There are several diets out there. But none of them works as deeply as HCG diet.

When I say deeply, I mean the intensity at which the HCG diet works at. For instance, take any diet on the planet. They work with one thing, calorie restriction.

However, HCG diet is not calorie restriction, it changes your eating habit.

But HCG diet requires to stick with low calorie diet, you say.

That is true. The low calorie diet like the 500, 800 or even 1200 is designed to get your new eating habit fixed.

When I mentioned above that HCG diet changes your eating habit, I stressed on the fact that you will change the way you eat.

And that will happen only if you change your eating habit, for the first few weeks, in a forced manner.

See, no one is going to change their habit with a click.

There must be some form of force in the beginning to bring in change. And that change is the low calorie diet.

So, what is the role of HCG drops in this?

HCG drops play the role of programming your mind. They change you hypothalamus program. It is believed that your eating habits are ingrained in your hypothalamus. If you could change that then you will change the way you eat.

When you consume HCG drops while being in the HCG diet, low calorie diet, your hypothalamus gets programmed to eat low calorie food.

Therefore,  unlike other diets, even though you are restricting calories, you won’t be faced to eat more once the diet ends. This is the beauty of HCG diet.

Unfortunately, no scientific study was carried out to support the HCG diet system. Some studies focused only on either HCG drops or HCG diet. Hence, results were inconclusive.

The FDA therefore, does not recognize HCG diet as a valid diet system.

Yet more and more people are using the Diet and Drops to lose several pounds. And you could be next if you just followed the HCG diet protocol to the point and consume only top grade HCG drops.