3 Types of HCG Drops in the Market

There are three types of HCG drops sold in the market. They are

  1. Pure or Real HCG Drops
  2. Homeopathy HCG Drops
  3. Fake HCG Drops

Pure or Real HCG drops:

This is the real deal of HCG drops. In other words this is the HCG drop which is medical grade used in various medicines and as stand alone medicine. Sometimes, this HCG drop is known as Pharmaceutical HCG drops. This HCG drop contains 100% HCG hormone. There are no other ingredient, not even in the tiniest part Actually, this is the HCG drop that Dr Simeon recommended for weight loss in his book Pounds and Inches.

Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight with HCG Diet then is the drop that you need to choose.

How to Find Real HCG Drops:

Find these kind of drops is not easy. You will have to look into the nutrition label and see the ingredients. If the ingredients contain any other part of hormone or chemical then it isn’t really a medical grade HCG drops. There should be no other ingredient except Human CHorionic Gonadotropin.

Homeopathy HCG Drops:

This the kind of HCG drop that was created for those who are allergic to the above kind of HCG drop. This hcg drop is prepared in the homeopathic style. For instance a single drop of HCG is diluted with 100x times that of water and created a solution. This solution is sold in the market as homeopathy HCG drops.

How to Find Homeopathy drops?

Finding these kind of drops is easy. The sellers themselves mention that its a homeopathic drop.

Fake HCG Drops:

These are your worst nightmare when you consider HCG Diet. Fake HCG drops contain not even trace amount of HCG. They contain other ingredients that are said to lose weight. There is no scientific evidence behind those ingredients and it is considered illegal by the FDA.

How to Find Fake HCG Drops:

Finding fake hGC drops is not easy either. The sellers sell this kind of drops stating that they are real. But when you look into their nutrition label you will notice that most ingredients are nothing but bogus and the label does not list HCG as its ingredient which indicates it is fake. If there is no HCG in the ingredient then why sell as HCG, right?

There you have it, three kinds of HCG drops. Next time you go shopping choose your HCG drops carefully.

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