AIN Medical HCG is a blog dedicated to HCG Diet. It is run by two Moms Kathy & Christen.

Kathy D’souza

Kathy is a 49 year old Mom with three kids (two daughters and one son). She first came across the HCG diet five years ago. Since then she has lost more than 40 lbs and had kept them off. She loves to cook and is responsible for most HCG Diet recipes presented on this site. For any queries regarding HCG Diet recipes please contact here at




Christen Aniston

Christen is a new Mom. She lives in California with her husband Joseph. After her pregnancy it was impossible for her to lose weight. But she managed to lose most of the weight using HCG Diet. She loves spending most of her time reading and finding new information. Recently, as HCG Diet helped with her weight loss she is fixed on it. She is sticking with the HCG Diet for most of the year. If you have any questions regarding HCG Diet or the Hormone Christen is the one to ask. She will also help you if you have any concerns with HCG Diet. Contact here at




For any general queries please contact