What is HCG Diet


There are several diets out there. But none of them works as deeply as HCG diet.

When I say deeply, I mean the intensity at which the HCG diet works at. For instance, take any diet on the planet. They work with one thing, calorie restriction.

However, HCG diet is not calorie restriction, it changes your eating habit.

But HCG diet requires to stick with low calorie diet, you say.

That is true. The low calorie diet like the 500, 800 or even 1200 is designed to get your new eating habit fixed.

When I mentioned above that HCG diet changes your eating habit, I stressed on the fact that you will change the way you eat.

And that will happen only if you change your eating habit, for the first few weeks, in a forced manner.

See, no one is going to change their habit with a click.

There must be some form of force in the beginning to bring in change. And that change is the low calorie diet.

So, what is the role of HCG drops in this?

HCG drops play the role of programming your mind. They change you hypothalamus program. It is believed that your eating habits are ingrained in your hypothalamus. If you could change that then you will change the way you eat.

When you consume HCG drops while being in the HCG diet, low calorie diet, your hypothalamus gets programmed to eat low calorie food.

Therefore,  unlike other diets, even though you are restricting calories, you won’t be faced to eat more once the diet ends. This is the beauty of HCG diet.

Unfortunately, no scientific study was carried out to support the HCG diet system. Some studies focused only on either HCG drops or HCG diet. Hence, results were inconclusive.

The FDA therefore, does not recognize HCG diet as a valid diet system.

Yet more and more people are using the Diet and Drops to lose several pounds. And you could be next if you just followed the HCG diet protocol to the point and consume only top grade HCG drops.

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